Project Name: Haus. The UK’s leading house marketplace

Project Date: 01.03.22

Summary: I began with designing a quick 5 minute wire frame for the main ‘Home’ screen on the Haus app. I decided to create a design that was clean, minimal but modern looking.

Once the wireframe was mocked up, I decided to look at my mood boards that I use for decide inspiration and to get the creative thoughts flowing. Once I decided on a colour pallette that I was happy with I made a start on the UI design process.

I found the creative process a breeze. This is mainly due to the fact that when I start a project and start designing the ui the ideas, thoughts and actions just take over and allows me to have full creative control and freedom and I usually end up with a good looking mock up that I can then make subtle changes to if needed.

Haus | Mockup's